Welcome to the Pre-Health Professions Career Community!

We are here to further the opportunities of students interested in health professions by providing individual guidance to any student, regardless of their major. This community was created to act as a place to share resources, advice, or opportunities for all interested in learning more about pre-health. Our program has an excellent track record of helping students achieve their goals in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and more.

Pre-Health COVID-19 FAQ

The Pre-Health Professions team is working remotely to serve your needs. In light of COVID-19 and university policies regarding pass/fail and online coursework, we are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding the health professions admissions process and how admissions committees will assess these new policies.

Please review our Pre-Health COVID-19 FAQ to help make the best decisions moving forward. We look forward to connecting with you soon in a Zoom meeting.

Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) mentors Pre-Health students on several levels. The committee works closely with the Director of Career and Professional Development to provide guidance for strategically becoming a competitive applicant, as well as guidance for the application and interview process. Many Pre-Health professional programs strongly encourage students to receive an evaluation from their institution’s HPAC. Students may acquire a letter of evaluation from HPAC to accompany their application. Students typically begin their application process for professional school in their junior year. However, national trends indicate that students are delaying their application to professional school until their senior year of college or later, after they have gained firsthand experience in their field of interest.

The following health professions will be considered for evaluation: Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Physician Assistant, Optometry, and Pharmacy. If you are not applying to any of the preceding fields, there is no need to complete an application.

Please visit this page to learn more about the criteria and application, timeline, and current committee.