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The Bill Munday School of Business delivers an experiential, values-based education anchored in the liberal arts and the Holy Cross traditions of learning and service. The school educates students to excel professionally in the dynamic 21st century business environment by emphasizing creative thinking, critical analysis, global collaboration, lifelong learning, adaptation to change, and ethical behavior. The school promotes relationships on our campus with our global partners and across the rich ecosystem of Austin, focusing on technology, creativity, social enterprise and emerging trends.

We are proud to offer a business education that is grounded in five pillars which reflect the dynamic business ecosystem of Austin: entrepreneurial thinking, social enterprise, innovation management, global collaboration, and business analytics.  Students can pursue majors in Accounting, Accounting Information Technology, Business Administration, Digital Media Management, Economic, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, or Marketing, along with a variety of minors.  Austin provides a wealth of opportunities for students to pursue internships, network with professionals and enhance their skills through a variety of career focused learning experiences.  I encourage you to discuss your goals with your Faculty Advisor and Success Coach, and be sure to connect with your Career Coach in the Career and Professional Development Office to explore the opportunities that will help you reach your goals.  We are all committed to helping you create an intentional and personalized roadmap for your success.

Marianne Ward-Peradoza, PhD | Dean, The Bill Munday School of Business

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Welcome to The Bill Munday School of Business Community! We know many of you may have a specific career path in mind or you’re still exploring all the possibilities of where a business degree can take you. We look forward to working with you to learn more about your interests, skills, and experiences and how we can help you reach your professional goals. 

Business students at St. Edward’s University get a holistic educational experience, with opportunities to contribute their diverse talents both in the classroom and within our local and international community. Take advantage of your unique position being educated in such a growing, vibrant city full of technological innovation, start-ups, and multiple notable company headquarters.

It’s never too early to start developing your skills, gaining practical experience, and networking with your professors and industry professionals. We’re here to help you navigate this process and encourage you to visit Career and Professional Development (CAPD) early and often. Schedule an appointment today



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